High School Credit

Design Lab is a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) Career Exploration program for students in 10th grade. It is a blended course; it combines online and hands-on learning.  Successful completion of the program will allow students to earn a credit in Design Lab as well as one credit of either math, science, or an elective. 

Core Math or Science Credit 

Students will be enrolled in ONE online core classes.  Options include either: 

  • Math: Geometry, Algebra 2, Honors Geometry, or Honors Algebra 2
  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics

If a math or science credit is not needed, the student will take the elective "College and Career Preparation"

Visual, Performing or Applied Art (VPAA)

Design Lab meets the VPAA requirement of the Michigan Merit Curriculum. 

Online Learning Experience

Design Lab meets the Online Learning Experience requirement of the Michigan Merit Curriculum.